Profit Pioneer. Profit First Professional. Serial Entrepreneur. Bookkeeper Extraordinaire.

Laura’s mission is to ensure entrepreneurs and small business owners understand what is happening in their business for two powerful reasons. So that they can pay themselves and make a profit. So simple, so important and yet so often overlooked.

As a Profit Pioneer, she thrives on guiding and teaching business owners to implement innovative, practical and outcome driven strategies that are at the forefront of money management and growth initiatives for business.

As a speaker Laura brings a wealth of knowledge for driven entrepreneurs, presented in a way that is insightful and exciting (yes it is possible!). Her approach to creating a profitable business is direct, powerful, and fuelled by passion, and when she presents she lights up the room with this energy.

Laura speaks from her experience and knowledge as a successful entrepreneur, profit first professional and advocate for thriving small business.

She inspires audiences across the globe at events such as:

  • Artful business conference
  • Excellence Collective
  • Mindfulness, Momentum & Money
  • The Joinery Coach
  • CopyCon
  • The Small Business Skills Summit
  • Law of Effortlessness Podcast
  • Profit First Podcast
  • Lady Boss Chats Podcast
  • ProfitCon USA
  • Mind Money Business Workshop
  • Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Chadstone Event
  • Grow My Accounting Practice podcast
  • Business Business Business Online Skills Summit
  • Profit First Webinar for Virtually Yours Virtual Assistants
  • Angela Henderson podcast
Laura Elkaslassy
Laura Speaks on Topics such as:
  • Investing in your self-worth for amazing business success
  • Assessing your financial reality for greater success
  • Strategies To Propel You Forward (And In The Right Direction!)
  • Simple Ways To Feel In Control so that you can grow your business with confidence
  • Managing your growth mindset for purposeful success
  • Profit First


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