What A Profit First Accountant Does

Engaging an accountant to help manage your taxes and compliance work will give you more clarity and confidence when it comes to the financial stability of your business. The difference between a regular accountant and a Profit First Accountant is that the latter is certified in the Profit First methodology, meaning they proactively help you […]

What Are Profit First Professionals And How Can They Help You Grow A Profitable Business With Sustainable Cash Flow?

As a business owner and entrepreneur looking to grow a profitable business, your number one go-to person needs to be a Profit First Professional (PFP). Why? Because they are trained and certified in the Profit First methodology, which seeks to help business owners move away from operating in a panic-driven cycle that relies on each […]

Meet Angus Morrison from Morrison ABS

Angus Morrison is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Registered Tax Agent and Certified Profit First Professional. His business, Morrison ABS is based in Mentone, Victoria, but he works with a range of clients all around Australia.


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