Advisory Accelerator

A 6 month Profit First Mentoring & Mastermind Program for Business & Finance Professionals who want to accelerate their growth, step into advisory, and implement Profit First in their own business.


If you’ve been considering becoming a Profit First Professional but want to do the following first:

Implement Profit First in your own business
Restructure your business offerings and step more into advisory
Improve your business cash flow
Grow your business and income
See the real results of Profit First in your business before offering it to your clients as a Profit First Professional

This Advisory Accelerator is for YOU!

Outcomes you will achieve through this program

You will set and start achieving your 6-12 month business growth and revenue goals
You will have successfully implemented Profit First in your business
You can see the benefits and real results from implementing Profit First in your business.
You’ll have sorted your cashflow and generated profits from Profit First implementation.
You’ll have an understanding of how you can offer Profit First services to create the same great outcomes for your clients.
You will have achieved your 6 month goals in business, changing business structure to incorporate new advisory services, and optimised your time, revenue and team.
You can fast-track your Profit First Professional Certification (if you choose to become a member) because you’ll have a solid understanding of Profit First and implementation.

Profit First transforms your business and changes your life permanently. Your business which once drained the life from you can be turned around and give you opportunities you only thought happen to those ‘lucky people’. I had reached a point in my business where I was considering finding a job again and was dreading the lifestyle I would have to give up. This is when I was fortunate enough to come across Profit First and that is when everything changed.


The Advisory Accelerator program includes:

A Profit First Assessment of your business
1:1 support – Set goals and an action plan to move from day-to-day to advisory
1:1 support – Implement Profit First in your own business
1:1 Strategy & Support calls (30 mins each)
Monthly Group Training Calls in the second half of the program (60 min each)
All group sessions recorded for easy access any-time
Profit First resources to assist with self-implementation
Month 1
Profit First Assessment, establishing Profit First foundations, setting business and financial goals for the upcoming 6-12 months and an action plan to achieve them.
Month 2-3
Profit First implementation, restructuring offers and service to move toward advisory, taking action towards your business and financial goals.
Month 3-6
Focus on team and resource structure to get your time back, pricing and packaging to craft great advisory offers, marketing and strategy for getting the word out about your business.

The training and coaching is offered in regular short and sharp sessions, to ensure you get maximum results, in less time.

The system really works and you can see it with actual cash in the bank. The biggest benefit of Profit First is the ability to help with taxes, the money is always there and you don’t have to worry about it. It brings financial control. Once you have better cash flow, you can move onto increasing income sustainably.


1:1 Guidance with Profit First Professionals by your side

Not only do you get the benefit of seeing how Profit First works within your business, but you also have unvetted access to our exceptionally talented Profit First Guides in a mix of group and 1:1 sessions, who will provide advice, help you stay on track, and support you in making incredible progress in your business.

Najma Khan – Profit First Assessment & Implementation, Profit First Technical Expert
Iesha Delune – Goal Setting, Accountability, Mindset
Laura Elkaslassy – Profit First Implementation, Pricing & Packaging of Offers, Time Management, Business Growth Strategy
Michelle Tolhurst – Team Building, Outsourcing, Systems, Marketing

Each having a different area of expertise, these guides are the secret weapon to all Profit First Professionals.

Laura Elkaslassy Certified Profit First Professionals

This program is the perfect introduction to Profit First, where you can experience the life changing benefits in your own business enabling you to then have something truly remarkable to offer your own clients should you choose to continue with Certification after completing the Advisory Accelerator.

📅 Your Time Investment

Approx 5 contact hours per month
Approx 5 self-implementation hours per month

💳 Your Cost Investment

Pay Upfront: AUD$10,000 incl GST
Payment Plan: 6 Instalments of $2000/month
Payment Plan: 12 Instalments of $1000/fortnight

FAQ: When does the program start?

Program commences 1st September 2022.

You will then book in your 1:1 sessions with the Guides to get started at times that suit both of you.

Group call times are yet to be determined but will be held during the week between AEST business hours. Times will be released upon confirmation of cohort in this intake to ensure times suit the majority of participants.

If you cant make a session live they will be recorded and made available to you to watch in your own time for up to 12 months from program commencement.

Intakes are currently scheduled for commencement every 3 months.

Register your interest on our wait list here.

FAQ: Do I have to be a bookkeeper, accountant or business coach?

This program is open to strictly business and financial professionals who are:

  1. looking to step out of the day-to-day and into advisory services with clients.
  2. considering offering Profit First as a service to their clients.
  3. wanting guidance and expert advice on how to implement Profit First in their own business.

This includes Bookkeepers, Accountants, Business Coaches/Consultants, Finance/Money Coaches/Consultants, Financial Planners, even Mortgage Brokers.

If you are unsure if this program is for you, please email

FAQ: Do I have to become a Profit First Professional?

No. It is optional.

At the end of the Advisory Accelerator you can choose whether you would like to continue on with Profit First Certification and Membership to share your knowledge about Profit First with your clients.

The benefit to completing this program is that you will have fast-tracked your way through the initial training modules of certification with your gained knowledge, self-implementation, and results of Profit First already. You will also have created space in your business to easily transition to offering Profit First advisory services to your clients.

I find it absolutely worth the investment. It’s made amazing changes to my business. I’ve not only gained business growth from the support from Profit First Australia but I’ve had enormous personal growth as well.


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