What is Profit First Professionals (PFP)?

Profit First Professionals are an exclusive community of business and finance professionals who are certified in the Profit First methodology to help their clients build highly profitable businesses.

A Profit First Professional is someone who is known as a strategic, trusted advisor and an integral part of their client’s business success.

Who Can Be A Profit First Professional?

Our members include an array of business and finance professionals including (but not limited to): Business Coaches & Consultants, Business Advisors, Financial Advisors, Money Coaches and Mentors, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Mortgage/Loan Brokers, Financial Planners, Business Development Consultants, Budgeting Consultants.

Members usually offer (or want to offer) their clients proven financial advice that can help their clients build a profitable business, get paid and get out of debt.

You Can Be A Profit First Professional If You Have…

  • A love of the Profit First concepts and strategies and the desire to implement these into your clients’ businesses. (If not, we suggest you start with reading the book. Get yours here.)
  • Been kicking butt as an established bookkeeper, accountant or business coach (with an existing client base and operational) for at least one year
  • A desire to not only teach the Profit First Method, but also to live it in your own business, helping both you and your clients to find peace and profitability
  • A deep passion for providing high quality services that support your clients’ financial goals and growth
  • A burning desire to set your practice apart by becoming your clients’ trusted advisor for long-term business profitability and success

What characteristics make a good Profit First Professional?

Our most successful members are naturally sceptical and curious, want to scale their business and expand the value-based consulting part of their business.

Let’s explain each element:

Naturally sceptical and curious – In order to successfully benefit a customer, we need to familiarise ourselves with the facts and figures behind the scenes. Just because a customer says “business is going well” doesn’t mean it is actually the case. Likewise, the fact that you are reading this document, speaking to your team, researching our members and our organisation shows that you have enough scepticism and curiosity to be fully informed. If you are naturally sceptical when advising your customers with Profit First®️, you will be of great benefit to them. A sceptical and curious person is exactly the kind of professional that makes an ideal member.

Desire to scale – If you don’t want to expand your service offering or your business, we are probably not a good choice. A member who wants to expand their offering and do so in a way that requires less personal time is one who will make the most of the tools we offer for their development. We have and will continue to do everything in our power to make the development of your business growth with Profit First®️ as easy as possible for you, but it will always require both your commitment and the desire to do so in your heart.

Value-Priced Consulting – It has been shown that the new model for tax advisors, accountants and coaches is value-based advice. When you know that this is exactly what you want for your business, we have a plan for how you can make it happen. If value-based advice is part of your vision, we have the map to get you there.

Why Become A Profit First Professional?

  • Easily attract high-quality clients who want experts like you to give them the financial systems and guidance to achieve maximum profitability
  • Get paid premium fees because you focus on high-value business services
  • Capture the advancements in accounting software and use them to your advantage to surge forward, rather than being trampled.
  • Be surrounded by a community of like-minded Accountants, Bookkeepers and Coaches who are transitioning to advisory services. In short, we’re one big family and we’ve got your back.
  • Become an integral part of your clients’ thriving businesses

What’s included in the Profit First Professional Membership?

  • Save time, money and resources using our proven, done-for-you templates and marketing materials for your website, presentations, live workshops, email and more!
  • Attract more clients than you ever thought possible with full rights to the world-renowned Profit First brand.
  • Competition-proof your business when you integrate this simple, but powerful Profit First methodology into your existing service offerings using proven, step-by-step training and guidance.
  • Fast-track effective results for you and your clients, no matter how busy your schedule, with unlimited online access to our exclusive educational and implementation platform, Profit University®
  • Collaborate with top professionals who support each other’s success while championing entrepreneurial financial health from the inside out when you gain exclusive access to the Profit First Professionals online community and exclusive in-person events.
  • Have qualified leads who are looking for a Profit First Professional sent directly to your inbox without having to do any extra work (Mastery Member Benefit).
  • Read our membership agreement here.

What a Profit First Professional certification is NOT:

  • Academic-only certification course to add to your collection of credentials
  • Training for newbie bookkeepers, accountants or coaching practitioners
  • Lead generation service where you pay for leads that blindly come from the Internet
  • Work-from-home startup business opportunity
  • A talking head on a video — you are assigned a Profit First Guide (yes, a real person!) from Day 1

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What becoming a Profit First Professional is all about…

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