Meet Tracy Sellers from Ironbark Industries Bookkeeping

Tracy has been a bookkeeper for nearly 20 years and is the owner of Ironbark Industries Bookkeeping. She began using Profit First about 12 months ago. She immediately saw the benefits of using Profit First and 6 months later decided to become a Profit First Professional so that she could share these same benefits for business success with her clients.

Meet Caroline Smith from Jackadder Business Consulting

Caroline Smith started her business Jackadder Business Consulting to help businesses improve how they ran their business and their processes. She soon realised that the number one area most people needed assistance was with finances. So she became a BAS agent and began offering bookkeeping services. She realised that when you offer bookkeeping services people are asking about how they can grow their business and how can they become more profitable.

Meet Katie Marshall from Efficient Tradie

Meet Katie Marshall, her business is Efficient Tradie. She works specifically with tradies to help them with their bookkeeping to make it efficient and simple and then to work with them on their cash flow, the leading issue for tradies is poor cash flow.


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