Coronavirus Resource Library

We have asked our Profit First Professionals to collate any resources they have developed for us to share with the greater Profit First community. We have also asked some other professionals to share their insights with us. We hope you find this information valuable.

Q & A Call with Laura Elkaslassy and Delaney Van Baalen

Laura Elkaslassy and Delany Van Baalen hosted a Q&A session on the 30th of March 2020, watch the replay.

JobKeeper Payments Q & A Call

Laura Elkaslassy hosted a Q&A session on the 15th of April 2020, watch the replay.

Super, Investments and the Coronavirus

Jake Taylor of JMT Wealth Management discusses the changes to Superannuation, the impact Coronavirus is having on investments, and financial planning for the future.

Angus Morrison on the Job Keeper Payments

Angus Morrison is going through the new JobKeeper Subsidy.

Profit First in Changing Times

Craig Minter on Profit First in Challenging Times.

A Legal Perspective - Terms & Conditions

Shalini Nandan-Singh of Legally Shalini shares the lowdown on Terms & Conditions, and how your Client Agreements can protect your business in the face of Coronavirus.


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