Dinner with Mike Agenda

7:00pm – Networking and Drinks
7:30pm – Welcome
7:45pm – Entrees served
8:05pm – Mike Michalowicz Profit First Keynote
8:45pm – Main served
9:05pm – Panel / Q&A session
9:45pm – Dessert served
10:00pm – Networking
10.30pm – Event Close

Profit First – the book

Interested in learning more about Profit First? Get a sneak peek of the book.

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Meet our Event Partners

nathan rigney
Katie Crismale Marshall

Nathan Rigney

“Creating a successful business is about having a shared mindset with your client, clear communication and going the extra mile.”

– Nathan Rigney, The Profit Generator.

Nathan Rigney, The Profit Generator, is more than just a Director and Principal Accountant at NGR Accounting. He’s your trusted partner and advisor if you’re a motivated business owner or entrepreneur with dreams of growth in every aspect of your life. With a unique Profit First mindset, Nathan is all about turning those dreams into reality.

Nathan’s passion goes beyond numbers. He’s dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with those who share his enthusiasm for business development. He’ll take you on a journey through the intricacies of your business, from its structure and processes to cultivating a dynamic team culture. Nathan knows the value of streamlining systems for peak performance and, most importantly, creating profit that builds wealth and security for business owners.

But Nathan’s influence doesn’t stop there. He’s not just a numbers guy – he’s also a dedicated member and a Board Director, holding the position of Treasurer, for the Sutherland Shire Business Chamber. Nathan’s commitment to the local business community is evident, and he’s making a tangible impact.

Nathan’s credentials are rock-solid. He’s a registered CPA and a Profit First Professional, which means you’re in expert hands when it comes to managing your finances and ensuring your business’s financial health.

NGR Accounting

NGR Accounting, with a decade of dedicated service in the Sutherland Shire and greater Sydney region, is led by Nathan Rigney, famously known as the Profit Generator.

NGR Accounting is here to revolutionise the way you think about accounting, with a committed team comprising experts like:

Kathryn Vial, Senior Client Manager
Sue Roseworne, Client Manager
Kendra Hu, Junior Client Manager and
Belinda Bendon, Operations Manager
At NGR Accounting, we’re all about helping our clients see their numbers in a new light.

We’re not your typical accounting firm – we make your numbers meaningful and relatable. Our mission is to empower you with a deep understanding of accounting concepts, resulting in increased revenue, reduced expenses, and, most importantly, an ability to make those numbers come to life within your accounting software.

Our team is passionate about making the accounting aspect of your business more efficient, saving you time and stress, and revealing why accounting is just as critical as your marketing plan. We’re your partners in future growth, here to support you in both your personal and business financial journey.

Work with Us

Book a free 30-minute discovery call with Nathan Rigney, the Profit Generator, where we will chat about:

  • Discovering how Profit First can help remove your financial uncertainty.
  • What your business could look like after adopting a Profit First mindset and
  • Reinforcing and understanding how Profit First works for your business, while discussing your current setup in relation to your accounting software and ATO requirements.

To book, email admin@ngraccounting.com.au by December 31st, 2023, you will also have access to our Profit Generator School monthly “Let’s Go” Profit First and Business Q&A session for three months.

Katie Crismale-Marshall – Profit First for Tradies

Many Tradies struggle to maintain healthy cash flow even though their business seems to be doing well. As a Certified Profit First Professional, with over 10 years running her own business, Katie Crismale-Marshall specialises in working with Tradies giving them the tools they need to finally pay themselves a wage they deserve and a profit that they have worked hard for.

Katie has coached hundreds of Tradies in the areas of finance, cash-flow management and mindset when it comes to mastering their money and growing their business.

Growing up in a family of Tradies, Katie understands what it’s like to see her self-employed parents struggle with growing their business and raising a family. Too many business owners lose sleep at night wondering how they are going to pay the bills or their employees.

As a Profit First Professional, Katie teaches and coaches using a proven system that teaches the power of paying yourself profit first and managing business finance to improve cash flow.

Ultimately, she helps Tradies get back control of their money and stop waiting for others to determine their financial success. Through her new book “Profit First For Tradies”, Katie helps overwhelmed Tradie business owners organise their finances so they can enjoy the life they worked so hard to build.

Work with Us

Get in touch with Katie and the team here.

I’ve been a Business Coach for 15 years. My focus is to get results in the business – create Profit, turn the Profit into Cash, Destroy Debt, and have money to Invest for the Future. My clients double, triple, quadruple, and more, real money profits within 12 months. We also work on creating a business that can work without the owner, reduce their stress and have them enjoying the life they worked to achieve.

Marcus is available to MC your next event, get in touch with him here.

Profit First and Thriday

Our partnership with Thriday enables users to use Thriday to open multiple bank accounts with ease and access the Profit First educational resources that will be hosted within the app. “[Users] can start by reading the Profit First book, use Thriday to open multiple bank accounts with ease, and access the Profit First educational resources that will be hosted within the app.”

This partnership with Thriday enables us to better support emerging businesses to grow their profitability and eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.