A new level of membership in 2022

Introducing the Profit First Educator  membership.

Profit First Educators are business professionals that have an existing network that trains or coaches their audience in some capacity. They generally provide group coaching services, rather than working one on one with a client.

Profit First Educators are passionate about Profit First. They are profit first success stories, seen the benefits of the system into their own business. They are leaders or influencers in their niche and feel their audience could really benefit from Profit First.

Profit First Educators are endorsed to use the Profit First brand in their marketing, they benefit from training, resources and tools to be able to leverage the brand and provide a service to their audiences.

We are part of one family. Our members support each other, exchange ideas, resources, networks and learn from each other, both at our international live events, our regular national and international group calls, as well as in our exclusive social media groups.

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