Profit First ANZ Awards 2024

The Profit First awards are designed to recognise the contributions of our Profit First Professional community here in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Category 1: PFP of the Year – To be eligible the member must be certified, engaged in the community and spreading the word of Profit First.
  • Category 2: Rookie of the Year – For a PFP who is in their first year of membership (joined in September 2023 or later), and has gone all in embracing the teaching and values of profit first, they have walked the talk and are on a mission to help their community.
  • Category 3:  Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable – The PFP (certified) who has stepped outside of their comfort zone, time and time again. They are creating change to grow or excel in the business or person they want to be.
  • Category 4: Resilience Award – For the PFP (certified) who is always available for the Profit First community. They have a big heart, give back to the community, never throws in the towel, are always on the lookout for new opportunities, does not have any issues with seeking help in their business.

Nominating is Easy

Nominations open on Monday 24th June 2024. You can nominate in one or more categories. You can also self-nominate. To nominate, all you need to do is tick the box of the person you wish to be considered for the award. Nominations close on 27th July 2024.

Awards Process

After the initial nomination process, we will collate all potential recipients and compile a list of the top nominees for each category.

If you are selected as a nominee, we will contact you and you can choose to accept or decline the nomination.

If you choose to accept, we also ask you to submit a paragraph explaining why you believe you are a good recipient for this category. Plus, any other supporting documentation you believe may assist your application (this is optional)

We will then assess the nominations of each category, review their application and choose the best person for the award, based on the information provided.

Winners will be announced at ProfitCon 2024.