Engaging an accountant to help manage your taxes and compliance work will give you more clarity and confidence when it comes to the financial stability of your business. The difference between a regular accountant and a Profit First Accountant is that the latter is certified in the Profit First methodology, meaning they proactively help you achieve financial stability and sustainable business growth.

What A Profit First Accountant Does

A Profit First Accountant will work to implement the Profit First money management methodology into your business and work to make strategic improvements to your revenue and expenses so that you see profitability sooner.

They will implement processes to eliminate debt faster and help you experience cash flow from the first invoice issued using the Profit First methodology.

A Profit First Accountant will manage your taxes more cohesively and stringently so that you won’t be left stuck not being able to afford unforeseen tax debt each financial year. Additionally, they’ll ensure you are paying yourself a wage, if you haven’t been doing so to date.

By engaging an accountant certified in the Profit First methodology you are making your business’ financial health a priority and its sustainable profitability a reality. Profit First Accountants are proactive rather than reactive. 

How does a Profit First Accountant Get Certified?

Profit First Professionals only become certified upon completion of mandatory training in the Profit First money management methodology. They also need to implement the methodology within their own and two other businesses, to successfully create and increase profits.

During their certification Profit First Professionals learn the intricacies of the methodology and demonstrate their knowledge to help businesses increase their cash flow and sustain profitability.

Only certified Profit First Professionals can legally teach or implement the methodology.

Find A Certified Profit First Accountant In Australia

  • Victoria Brennan
  • Vanessa Fiducia
  • Thomas Blackwell
  • Stephen Simpson
  • Sharon Crombie
  • Ryan Sela
  • Rosie Hargreaves
  • Phil Shephard
  • Nicole Menso
  • Nathan Rigney
  • Natasha Tyrie
  • Nadine Rawlings
  • Michelle Leigh
  • Linda Hughes
  • Laurie Wilkinson
  • Kari O'Brien
  • John Postle
  • Jodi Porteous
    Jodi Porteous
  • Ian Senior
  • Harry Edwards
  • Gail Morrison
  • David Newman
  • Chris East
  • Angus Morrison
  • Adam Hockley

Get Matched With A Profit First Accountant Near You

The Profit First methodology is a successful money management system that has proven to work across many business industries and within various stages of a business lifecycle.

Furthermore, Profit First Professionals can choose to specialise in particular business niches and industries meaning they are perfectly placed to provide strategic advice around how a business can see profitability within specific industries.

To experience the benefits of Profit First in your business, find a certified Profit First Accountant near you.

If you are an accountant who wants to become a certified Profit First Professional, click here for more information.