FB Live Wiht Fiona Fell

Meet Fiona Fell from Albury Wodonga Website Designer, we will be discussing how she implemented Profit First into her own business, and the amazing results she has achieved becuase of it.

During our chat, Fiona shared some candid insights from her own experience of implementing Profit First. Including:

  • How she was able to reassess 17 years’ worth of business transactions in 3 months
  • Having a Mindset Reset, and removing the distractions
  • How she was able to increase her profit margin from 57% to a whopping 86% in just 1 year!
  • And how she is still seeing benefit 5 years on since first implementing Profit First

Watch the video

‘New bank accounts means all the magical auto-debits auto-billing subscription, this stuff started screaming at me. So I had gone to reassess everything I’ve spent the last 17 years in business’

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