Meet PFP and author of Profit First for Tradies Katie Crismale-Marshall. In this interview, Profit First Professionals Australia Founder Laura Elkaslassy will be interviewing Katie about how to optimise Profit First in your business. Perhaps you have started to use Profit First, but it isn’t quite embedded into everything you do, Tune in to learn more.

In this chat, we cover topics such as:

  • How her book has impacted so many
  • How Profit First is a framework, which needs to be tweaked to be specific to your business needs
  • The importance of a materials and subs account – especially for tradies
  • Is a drip account what is required for you and your business to help manage your cash flow?

Watch the video

“The other thing that I do with a lot of my clients now is putting money aside for staff entitlements. So holidays, long service leave all of those sorts of things.” 

Katie Crismale- Marshall

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Michelle Tolhurst
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