Katie Crismale-Marshall book

Profit First CEO, Laura Elkaslassy sat down to chat with Katie Crismale Marshall about her exciting new book – “Profit First for Tradies.” This is the first Profit First spin off book, and is filled with tonnes of helpful and practical information. While it’s targeted at tradies, it can still be utilised effectively by those in any number of industries.

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It is also being sold through Amazon, Booktopia, Book Depository and Barnes and Noble.

Thank you to Katie for joining us and a huge congratulations on the release of your new book!

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Let’s get started. What’s happened since the launch, tell me about the book, tell me what you’ve heard?

Some of the feedback I’ve been getting back has been exciting because I really took the time when writing the book to try and make it really simple and useful for my tradies. So just as an example here’s a message I received last night…

Hi Katie. Thank you I received my copy of your book today and just finished reading it. It’s so much easier to digest than the actual Profit First book, I actually have a chance of getting my partner to read it.

So that was exactly what I wanted when I wrote it. Was to be able to take Mike’s Profit First structure and adapt it to Australia and to our tradies so that it could be made much more useful to our market.


Does your book cover Australian taxes and GST?

Yes. So that was one of the main things with Mike’s book it’s obviously an American base so it doesn’t talk about GST at all which my book obviously does. Our tax system is different to what they have in America so that was one area that when I wrote, I wrote specifically for Australia so it makes sense to us.


You’ve obviously written Profit First for Tradies FOR tradies, but is it worthwhile still reading the book if your business is a professional service or any other industry?

Yeah absolutely! So all you would need to do is wherever I refer to trade is you just replace it with whatever your industry is. The process will still work because we’re still talking about putting money aside for GST and our different taxes and and all those things. So everything else remains the same just take out the word tradie and replace it with whatever industry or position you are in and it can certainly work to be your plan for your particular industry.