Meet Karyn Parkinson from Unstoppable eCommerce, we will be discussing how Profit First enabled her to pay back a $50,000 debt to the ATO and be in control of her cash flow. Karyn will be sharing her experience of implementing Profit First in her business and why she recommends it to her clients.

During our chat, Karyn shared some candid insights from her own experience of implementing Profit First. Including:

  • How to become debt-free
  • How to identify expenses and subscriptions and see what you actually need to spend money on
  • Why implementation helped her cash flow
  • Why you should celebrate your success when you hit your targets and goals

Watch the video

‘Setting up the accounts is super simple. And most apps let you nickname them. So I’ve got them all nicknamed, so I know when I’m transferring, what goes to what.’


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