Craig Minter

Craig Minter is a husband and a father, who loves to travel and loves soccer. Craig started CD Mints Consulting about 6 years ago, he decided to take a step out of a professional career to create a lifestyle for his family. As a trained CPA Accountant and more than 20 years of experience, he now focuses on consulting and coaching in his business.

Craig Minter recently sat down with Profit First Australia CEO Laura Elkaslassy to talk about his journey to becoming a Profit First Professional and his experience seeing businesses transform after implementing Profit First.

In their discussion, Craig and Laura spoke about:

  • What Craig loves about Profit First
  • Types of clients Craig works with in his business
  • How Profit First helps businesses achieve their goals
  • Benefits of using Profit First

Listen to the audio of the conversation

Why does Craig love Profit First?

From the moment Craig read the book, it resonated with him and he thought wow this is a great system that really works. He started implementing it into his business straight away. He loves the flexibility of profit first, as you can easily tweak it when your circumstances change.

Profit First is logical, simple and easy to use, exactly the way he likes to operate his business. It was a natural fit for his consulting business. He wanted to learn more and more about it and then looked to become a Profit First Professional.


Who does Craig work with?

Craig’s consulting business was all about saving people money with efficiency, productivity and time. He only works with people who have a growth mindset and want to grow their business. He also only works with people who want to implement Profit First in their business. He believes Profit First is an essential tool to assist businesses to meet their financial goals.

The system really works and you can see it with actual cash in the bank.


What is the biggest benefit of Profit First?

Craig sees the biggest benefit of Profit First with his clients is the ability to help with taxes, the money is always there and they don’t have to worry about it. It brings financial control. Once they have better cash flow, they can move onto increasing their income sustainably.

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