Jodi Porteous

Jodi Porteous started her business in 2002 as an accountancy business but that has now evolved into a business support, training and supporting them to build their businesses.

Jodi Porteous recently sat down with Profit First Australia & New Zealand CEO Laura Elkaslassy to talk about her journey to becoming a Profit First Professional and how Profit First can transform the businesses she works with.

In their discussion, Jodi and Laura spoke about:

  • What made you decide to become a profit first professional?
  • Types of workshops Jodi runs to help businesses thrive.
  • Dealing with seasonal businesses
  • How Profit First has changed her own business

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Using Profit First will be able to help our clients get through the ups and downs that we have in the Pilbara region – Jodi Porteous


What made you decide to become a profit first professional?

When we see a business fail it hurts us, we want businesses to thrive. Profit First allows use to provide the tools to make that happen.


What is one of the biggest changes you see when people implement Profit First?

Being able to make those decisions around expenses confidently. I don’t know of any other system that can show a person so easily as  logging into your bank account if you can afford an expense. You don’t have to run reports, you don’t have to wait until your accounts does your work, every single day you can log into your bank account and know what your income needs to be to meet your expenses.

The question that I tend to ask my clients lot is is can it wait does it have to be paid today because a lot of times we get it and I’m not by any way advocating that you shouldn’t pay your bills on time this is not what I’m saying but when it comes to making decisions to bring on extra expenses or sign up to something is it absolutely necessary today? Just looking in that account you have a yes or no answer immediately and there’s no or if or maybe. You know staight away which I found liberating.


What has been the biggest change in your own business since Profit First? 

Profit first has not only given me the opportunity to sell something to my clients and to provide the community with more knowledge but it’s also given me an understanding of how I can make their business so much better. I thought that my business was pretty good but now it’s amazing, since Profit First.

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