Marcus Kroek

Our June Facebook live session was hosted by Michelle Tolhurst, a valued member of our membership support team here at Profit First.

Michelle had a wonderful chat with Marcus Kroek from Amazing Tradies. Marcus is a qualified business coach and is based in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

We hope you enjoy watching. Thank you again to Marcus for being with us and we’ll see you all next month for another Facebook live.

Watch the video

The whole concept when people understand what it does for them and how to put it in place, it clicks with people. – Marcus Kroek


Tell us a bit about yourself and your business

I’m a business coach and have been doing that since 2005. Prior to that I have had a varied background in importing, wholesale, retail and actually started out driving small tankers around Sydney. I have also owned a number of businesses. Amazing Tradies is a specialty part of our coaching business that deals with tradespeople. We are based in the Hunter Valley, but work with people from all over thanks to the wonders of the Internet.


Could you explain a little about how you work with clients using Profit First?

We analyse their transactions and help them understand what’s happening. Profit First helps them analyse their books to find out where the real money in the business is flowing through. From that we can split it up and it becomes a very understandable way to work.


If you had one tip for the business owners watching, what would you suggest they do in regards to implementing Profit First?

My one big tip is, implement it! Take a step into it, you don’t have to jump in. Even a little step will make a big difference. Once you get it going everything else will fall into place.