Najma Khan

Najma Khan started her business in 2014, I wanted my business to revolve around my lifestyle and I wanted to help people. I implemented Profit First in my business from day one, it was not long after the book was released.

Najma Khan recently sat down with Profit First Australia CEO Laura Elkaslassy to talk about her journey to becoming a Profit First Professional and what being a Profit First Professional means to her.

In their discussion, Najma and Laura spoke about:

  • Why Najma decided to become a Profit First Professional
  • How Profit First has allowed her to help people and transform the lives of others
  • Najma shares her story with us and her mission to help build wells in third world countries
  • How she implements Profit First with her clients
  • And why she loves Profit First so much.

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I just loved everything about it, it just made absolute sense when I actually started reading it and of course this is the this is what I’ve done and I absolutely swear by it – Najma Khan


What made you decide to become a profit first professional?

As I implemented Profit First from day one of my business, I have never experienced cash flow problems in my business but I was seeing many clients experiencing cash flow problems. So I decided to contact Profit First in the US and ask if I could be a Profit First Professional and then I started implementing Profit First in my clients businesses.


What has Profit First allowed you to do?

I come from South Africa lots of people actually don’t have water and it’s very difficult. Women and girls in South Africa and in third-world countries they actually go out walking during the day for hours to go and fetch water bring it over to the house. My intention was actually to help those woman and children that actually spent the entire day going and fetching water and coming back and trying to make a difference in their lives. I’ve been taking part of my profit and using it to build wells in these communities. I now have an additional account in my profit first system, my charity water account. I’ve realised that you don’t need to be a big business or corporation to make a difference event a sole trader can make a difference.


How do you implement profit first with your clients?

It’s a staged process, perhaps just a GST account or a profit account first. The biggest problems most clients have is cash flow and people not paying themselves. Often their accountant tells them they made a profit but there is no money in the bank to see this profit.

Yes you can implement profit first from the book but here are often questions and being held accountable by a Profit First Professional really helps with the success of Profit First.


Najma’s Tip: Don’t trade your time for money. Business owners often spend so much time doing everything in their business rather than hiring a professional to get the job done. By focussing your skills on your zone of genius you could have spent your time on something more constructive in your business.


Why should someone consider becoming a Profit First Professional?

Profit First Professionals are all a family, we are committed not just to the profit first philosophy but to Mike’s mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty and a commitment to their clients.

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