Pure bookkeeping panel 2

Running your own business is hard work. It takes expertise, passion, and business skills to get it right. Many business owners feel overwhelmed and lose that passion, forgetting why they started their business in the first place.

At Profit First, we have teamed up with Pure Bookkeeping to deliver a series of Facebook live panel interviews with Profit First Professionals that are also Pure Bookkeeping licensees. Our panelists are at various stages of their business journey. They have all added advisory services into their bookkeeping practice while establishing systems and processes to enable their businesses to run more efficiently or in some cases without as much of them in the day-to-day.

Co-hosted by Katrina Aarsman from Pure Bookkeeping and Laura Elkaslassy from Profit First. In this, our second session you will meet:

Najma Khan from La Trobe Bookkeeping and

Sharon Jones from Additional Business Concepts

We hope you enjoy watching…

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