Pure Bookkeeping Panel 1

In this session, you will meet our panel of Profit First Professionals that are also Pure Bookkeeping licensees:

Caroline Smith from Jackadder Business Consulting
Kim Macdonald from Savvy Office Solutions
Tracy Brockhoff from Nourish Your Numbers

We were very lucky to be joined by the CEO of Pure Bookkeeping, Katrina Aarsman, who shared with us her passion for helping the bookkeeping industry and supporting her licensees to realise their goals and potential.

Running a successful business starts with creating the right foundations for a sustainable and profitable business. Only then can you grow a business that works for you and suits your lifestyle while achieving your business and personal goals. Have a listen to this fantastic panel to delve in further…

Watch the video

“You need to have your own business cheer squad and I think Pure Bookkeeping and Profit First Professionals offer that.” – Kim


“I rebranded my business and became a Profit First Professional and made that step into advisory pretty much designing that business that I love. One that I wanted to work in every day instead of one that just made me tired every day.” – Tracy


“I had people coming to me for bookkeeping services that found me on Profit First because they had implemented Profit First themselves and they wanted a bookkeeper who understood Profit First.” – Caroline