Our partnership with Thriday enables users to use Thriday to open multiple bank accounts with ease and access the Profit First educational resources that will be hosted within the app.

“[Users] can start by reading the Profit First book, use Thriday to open multiple bank accounts with ease, and access the Profit First educational resources that will be hosted within the app.”

This partnership with Thriday enables us to better support emerging businesses to grow their profitability and eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.


Picture this: you’re a small business owner pouring countless hours into your business. But no matter how hard you work; you can’t seem to escape the burden of financial admin or nail your cash flow. The paperwork piles up, and the stress builds.

Enter Thriday – the answer to all your bookkeeping, accounting, and (with the help of Profit First) cash flow needs.

With Thriday, you can say goodbye to the endless hours of financial admin and focus on what really matters.

For just $29.95/month, Thriday automates your banking, bookkeeping and accounting in one place.

You can run your income and expenses through Thriday’s business transaction accounts and save your receipts through the app or email. Thriday will do the rest – automatically reconciling and categorizing your transactions, accurately forecasting your tax to date, and predicting your tax for the full financial year.

Thriday’s built-in business transaction accounts and Visa Debit card make banking a breeze. And setting up your Profit First bank accounts and target allocation percentages takes no time at all.

Don’t let financial admin hold you back. Let Thriday streamline your accounting process and give you the freedom to focus on running your business.

Try Thriday today to experience the power of automation and see just how simple it is to put Profit First into action.

Special Profit First Offer
Get $100 OFF the Thriday annual plan

That’s your banking, accounting and tax automated in one place, and your Profit First cash flow plan is ready to go for just $199 ($0.54 per day!).


Just getting started?

Thriday offers a 1-month free trial to get you going, and if you choose not to use the invoicing and automation features you can still use the bank accounts for $0 monthly cost.