Amanda Latimer

Profit First Professional

Company: Heart Bookkeeping

Role: Bookkeeper

Location: Townsville, QLD



Hi There, I’m Amanda, a Senior Client Manager at Heart Bookkeeping.
Heart are a passionate and dedicated team led by qualified accountants, on a mission to help small business owners reclaim their time and passion. We are a bookkeeping and business advisory firm known for educating, empowering, and supporting small business owners to move beyond the cashflow struggle and into financial freedom, by taking away their bookkeeping and cash flow management pain.  We do this by giving our clients the tools and systems to take CONTROL of their bookkeeping and compliance, get CLARITY on where their cashflow and profit is at and what to do to move both in the right direction, and have the CONFIDENCE to read and make business decisions based on what their numbers are telling them.


  • Small Business
  • Trades
  • Service Based Business