Catherine Keyte

Profit First Professional

Company: Cbk Bookkeeping

Role: Bookkeeper

Location: Melbourne VIC



Cbk Bookkeeping was launched in 2018 by our Founder Catherine Keyte. Small business has always been a part of Catherine’s life, with her family taking over management of their first business when she was just 3 years old.

Having experienced first-hand the challenges, trials, and stresses of being a small business owner growing up, Catherine could not help offering support to a couple of good friends when they started businesses in 2018. Whilst they were fantastic at what they did, they were either struggling to understand what the numbers were telling them about their business, or they could not consistently keep up with the bookwork on top of running a busy business and we’re constantly unsure how they were doing financially.

Through referrals and recommendations, Cbk has steadily grown to a passionate team of three staff. The team at Cbk truly want to see their clients succeed and for them to enjoy the rewarding and lifestyle that can come with being a small business owner.


  • Small Business
  • Start-Ups