Craig Minter

Certified Profit First Professional

Company: Mints CD Consulting

Role: Profit Coach/CPA Accountant

Location: Sydney NSW but servicing clients Australia wide



Based in Sydney but servicing clients Australia wide, Craig Minter is one of Australia’s most experienced Profit First Professionals.

This experience has led to the creation of The Million $ Profit Plan using Profit First. Depending on the business size, this could mean $1M profit as cash in the bank or it could mean $1M in revenue. But what it really means is creating a business that has the owner feeling a million dollars. One that helps them achieve their goals with as little stress as possible.

Talking with business owners before they implement Profit First, common challenges heard are “I’ve got a profitable business but there’s no cash in the bank at the end of each month” or “my business is growing but all I’ve got is more headaches and stress”.

After implementation, the common results are:

  • Cashflow simplicity – stress and anxiety over cashflow are reduced significantly
  • Financial control – having a sustainable plan in place that is working for them
  • Financial freedom – more cash in the bank and a clear path towards their goals and dreams

Craig only works with a small number of clients at any one point in time to ensure every business owner gets the attention they deserve.

Whilst also working collaboratively with tax accountants and bookkeepers to bring big business thinking and setups to small business through building a team of financial professionals around the business owner.

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  • Franchisee’s/Franchise groups
  • Property related businesses
  • Heath & Wellbeing
  • Travel related businesses