Gail Morrison

Profit First Member

Company: Pulse Accountants

Role: Accountant & Business Coach

Location: New Zealand



There is nothing worse for a highly skilled and experienced business owner than to struggle with their business finances. The weight of the stress and overwhelm filters through to their personal lives effecting health and relationships. It’s not that they don’t want to sort it out, more often business owners have no idea where to start, they have no time or they’re battling with learning difficulties. You’re told that Xero will sort it all out and make it super simple… yeah right! Marketing is good like that!

The transformation in your business when Profit First is implemented is next level. Having a simple cash management system that is logical, easy to follow and is proven to work makes business finances a little…. exciting 🤓 However, what is more exciting is the transformation for the business owner’s that work with a Profit First Professional! Your business changes when you do. Developing a commercial mindset, working on profitability and having your finger on the Pulse of your business is where the real magic happens. If you are looking for mind freedom, financial freedom and time freedom, then you’ve landed on the right page!

I’m Gail Morrison, a Chartered Accountant and founder of Pulse Accountants in Napier, New Zealand. I discovered Profit First in my 2nd year of business and boy did I need it! I still hadn’t started taking a wage and like most start-ups, I fully believed that I was doing the right thing by ‘re-investing’ money back into my business so it could grow. Profit First turned my business finances around and took me on a path to becoming a business coach and now Certified Profit First Professional.

I work with service-based businesses as I totally get the mindset and struggles of ‘putting yourself out there’. At Pulse Accountants, we take great care of clients who have got themselves in the 💩 with money. There’s no judgement, as long as you are as keen to learn, make changes and create better systems in your business as we are. Ownership and accountability are 100% key to being successful in your transformation.

Searching for a Profit First Professional today is a massive step towards profitability, now take action again and book in for a chat, you’re a little bit closer to your goal 😊


  • Service-based businesses
  • Trades
  • Transport
  • Forestry Services
  • Coaching
  • Hospitality