Gerda Muller

Profit First Professional

Company: Private Practice Success

Role: Business Coach

Location: Agnes Waters, QLD



When I first started mentoring others in my industry over 5 years ago, people couldn’t believe I was giving away all my secrets to my competitors. But the truth is, we’re all in this together. I know the agony of making costly mistakes and the toll it can take on your business, your staff and even your family. I don’t want to see you go through that too.

As a private practice success coach & mentor, I’m here to help you;

• Master your time
• Set boundaries and build the business foundations you never knew you needed (but actually desperately need!)
• Fall in love with your positive mindset and self-belief (bye-bye imposter syndrome, fear, and scarcity)
• Finally get paid what you need and deserve; and
• Run a sustainable, ethical business that has long term IMPACT.


  • Medical and Health