Jenny Ryan

Profit First Professional

Company: Bookkeeping Direct

Role: Bookkeeper

Location: Warwick, QLD



I’ve been involved in managing, offering training, and rescuing businesses so that they will succeed and thrive, for decades. Our business has grown by word-of-mouth referrals from our delighted clients, thankful Accountants and is backed by an experienced staff trained on our specific systems.

I have a great problem-solving mind and many years of business experience, there isn’t a mess I haven’t been able to fix. I also partner with my husband to run our family business in the transport industry for over 30 years so I understand the pain & challenges of running a business in various industries.

I am passionate about making my clients’ lives easier: to take away their stress and allow them to get on with their business. Business owners shouldn’t spend hours chasing paperwork and keeping up with their tax obligations. Doing bookkeeping in the background, with as little impact as possible on clients’ lives, is a key aspect of what I do along with support, training and keep them accountable so they can grow their business and achieve their goals.


  • Hospitality
  • Service Based Businesses
  • Product Based Businesses
  • Real Estate
  • Law
  • Start-Ups & Solopreneurs
  • Natural Therapy & Spiritual
  • Retail
  • Trades
  • Creative Businesses
  • Hair, Beauty, Body & Aesthetics
  • IT
  • Agriculture
  • Transport Industry