Jodi Porteous

Certified Profit First Professional

Company: Northwest Accountancy Pty Ltd & Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd

Role: Money Management Coach

Location: Perth & Karratha, WA



As a Money Management Coach, I love to help couples stress less about their money.  Seeing divorce, marriage separation, suicide and the ramifications of businesses in a small town going bankrupt has prompted me to change my focus from providing a tax return service to teaching money management.  I did tax for 20+ years, and now it’s time to empower families to take control of their finances and create a plan they can stick to while managing their money, being able to adapt as circumstances change.

At Intentional Money Management this means finding out what is important to you as a couple, and then setting up the structure so that it works for you both so that you can keep each other accountable and on track. This means opening communication about finances, and coming together to make a plan, and thinking about the future, not just now.  The 6-week course.

At Northwest Accountancy we help business startups transition to stabilising cashflow and navigate taxes easily.  We believe that your business taxes should be easy, and we aim to educate you about how you can run your business better, as well as how you can improve your bookkeeping and save money on taxes.  We provide training so that you can Do It Yourself, or provide a full Do it For You service, when it comes to bookkeeping, Profit First rollout, tax and financial statement services, and business strategy sessions.  Our team of wonderful staff can help your business build a foundation for a long-lasting business, that makes money, and is sustainable.


  • Mining and Mining Support Businesses
  • Service Based Businesses
  • Retail
  • Trade
  • Hospitality