Judith Lockhart Hobdell

Profit First Professional

Company: The eCommerce Fractional CFO

Role: Coach

Location: Caloundra, QLD

Contact: hello@theecommercefractionalcfo.com


As a corporate escapee from the actuarial sector, I have successfully launched three of my own eCommerce businesses and gathered insights from hundreds of brands through my digital marketing agency.

A recurring observation throughout my journey is the gap between accounting figures and the targets set by founders. Often, founders may not fully grasp the intricacies of the financial data, leading to them providing misaligned targets to their digital marketing teams. In parallel, while finance teams accurately track expenditures, they might not always have the full context of the potential returns from marketing strategies.

My mission is to bridge this gap. I instill synergy across all departments by simplifying the numbers. This not only streamlines forward projections and budgeting but also strengthens the overall business strategy. My passion extends to mentoring eCommerce founders on finance and analytics, demystifying the intricacies, and ensuring accessibility at every business stage.

For 16 years, I practiced Muaythai and traveled around the world to fight. After welcoming my two daughters, I transitioned to the challenging realm of triathlons.


  • eCommerce