Katie Crismale-Marshall

Author of Profit First for Tradies | Certified Profit First Professional

Company: Profit First for Tradies | Efficient Tradie

Role: Profit First Coach | Bookkeeper

Location: Sydney, NSW

Contact: katie@profitfirstfortradies.com.au


Many Tradies struggle to maintain healthy cash flow even though their business seems to be doing well. As a Certified Profit First Professional, with over 10 years running her own business, Katie Crismale-Marshall specialises in working with Tradies giving them the tools they need to finally pay themselves a wage they deserve and a profit that they have worked hard for.

Katie has coached hundreds of Tradies in the areas of finance, cash-flow management and mindset when it comes to mastering their money and growing their business.

Growing up in a family of Tradies, Katie understands what it’s like to see her self-employed parents struggle with growing their business and raising a family. Too many business owners lose sleep at night wondering how they are going to pay the bills or their employees.

As a Profit First Professional, Katie teaches and coaches using a proven system that teaches the power of paying yourself profit first and managing business finance to improve cash flow.

Ultimately, she helps Tradies get back control of their money and stop waiting for others to determine their financial success. Through her new book “Profit First For Tradies”, Katie helps overwhelmed Tradie business owners organise their finances so they can enjoy the life they worked so hard to build.


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