Kim Macdonald

Certified Profit First Professional

Company: Savvy Office Solutions

Role: Bookkeeper

Location: Geelong VIC



Hey there!! I’m so excited that you’ve dropped in to check me out : )

I love that you are inquisitive and doing your research to choose who is the right fit for you! The Profit First Professional community is a pool of incredible people. You are in the right place!!

I know it’s not all about me right now and so we get off on the right foot-

Here is a little about me-

My name is Kim, I have been in the Bookkeeping industry for over 18 years and owned and operated my own Bookkeeping business for 15 of those years.

I have worked with businesses of all different industries and revenue models, from this experience I now fully focus on my passion which is assisting you the Business Owner to achieve your life and business goals, whatever they may be.

I am both a Mastery Profit First Professional and a certified Quality Mind Mentor.

I make the complex simple- create implementable ah ha moments and put an end to Entrepreneurial Poverty.

Business ownership can sometimes be a lonely and isolating gig, I am here to hold your hand, cheer you on and keep you accountable.

Here is a little about you-

You may have been in business for multiple years or you may be new to business.

You are in a Service based or Trade business

You are open to learning and doing what it takes to make a difference in your business because what you’ve done to date hasn’t worked or you may want to start off with the tools for success.

You have or had a passion for your business and want to find that joy again

If this is you, that’s fabulous : ) Happy Days.

Let’s jump in and get started on the journey together.

I can support you through Group programs, one on one and tailored support if you have questions after undertaking the PF 101 DIY course.

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PS- sometimes there may be a little wait time in my calendar- if you are eager and want to get started sooner than my availability shows then please feel free to email me


1- Profit First pick my brain session to delve into any outstanding challenges with PF within their business. Note we offer a 50% discount for this session if they have completed PF 101.
2- Profit First Quarterly Review
Aimed at keeping momentum after PF implementation, reviewing the completed quarter, undertaking profit distribution and plan for the new quarter.

The link to my calendly is


  • Health and Wellness Sector- including Massage Therapy, Multidisciplinary clinics, Osteopath, and Doctors just to name a few
  • Trades- Brickies, Glaziers, Plumbers, Builders, Tilers, you get the idea.
  • Personal Services- such as Coaches, Event planners, Educators and more
  • More than anything- I love working with business owners who are committed and ready to make a positive change in their business.