Marius du Plessis

Profit First Professional

Company: Beansuite

Role: Business Coach

Location: Melbourne, VIC



I work with a diverse range of stakeholders seeking professional advice and strategic guidance to position them for sustainable expansion or organic growth and to enable them to strengthen and consolidate their financial positions and achieve superior financial and commercial outcomes.

This includes developing and implementing business and financial management systems, processes and practices, and translating complex financial issues and regulations into effective operational strategies, while ensuring compliance.

With advanced financial management and analytical skills, I provide business owners, shareholders and senior executives with prudent business advice and support them in capitalising on opportunities, navigate the complexities of accounting requirements and legislation and position their businesses on the path to continuing commercial success.


♦ Business & Financial Systems Development
♦ Financial Reporting
♦ Financial Analysis
♦ Business Advisory
♦ Financial Statements
♦ Business Strategy Development
♦ Budget Setting & Management
♦ Financial Control
♦ Business Management


All Industries