Michelle Leigh

Profit First Professional

Company: The Accounts Department

Role: Accountant

Location: Silverdale, Greater Auckland, New Zealand

Contact: michelle@theaccountsdepartment.co.nz


Back in the late 90s, Michelle Leigh had a passion for accounting… and she also had two young sons. Through friendships and professional experience she realised many small businesses were struggling to keep up with their accounting admin. Like so many other small business owners Michelle wanted the balance and flexibility that’s possible as your own boss, and so she set out to create that – not only for herself, but also for her clients.

Michelle firmly believes that running a business should be enjoyable – and she knows that’s not a pipe dream. Running your own business really can be enjoyable: when you have the right support. Word of mouth meant The Accounts Department grew on its reputation of no-nonsense, solution-oriented work. Over time, Michelle handpicked a ‘dream team’ of tax professionals to deliver their expertise combined with The Accounts Department’s services. Since then many hundreds of small businesses have benefited from their skills.

Having learnt so much about growing a successful business, and forever keen to learn more herself, Michelle recently added business coaching to The Accounts Department’s services. From her experiences in her own business, as well as working with hundreds of other business owners, Michelle can help you cut straight to the ways you can improve your profits, but can also help you increase the enjoyment you get from your business.


  • Trades
  • Service Based Business
  • Beauty and Well-Being