Sharon Crombie

Profit First Professional

Company: MicroChilli

Role: Accountant

Location: Melbourne VIC



After spending over 20 years in corporate as a chartered management accountant, you’d be forgiven for wondering why I’d want to break away from the “norm”!

If you look at the statistics of the survival rate of small businesses from the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than 60% stop trading within the first 3 years of their startup journey. Sadly this is not always through not being profitable it is from not having access to a finance professional like the large corporates.

I believe it is the right of any business owner, large or small to have access to this information from a professional. After spotting a gap in the market for low cost, fuss free accounting services for micro businesses and new start entrepreneurs, my passion has become to empower kickass entrepreneurs on the same journey as me; it’s what fuels my fire.

​That was the birth of MicroChilli. And now I’m so excited to welcome you to the Chilli Tribe!


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