Sharon Jones

Profit First Professional

Company: Additional Business Concepts

Role: Profit First Consultant and Professional Bookkeeper/Advisor

Location: Online: Australian Wide



The Profit First is the “holy grail” money management system I have been looking for as a bookkeeper to provide business owners with the ability to grow their business while not just paying themselves and their employees but also to reward themselves for the hard work of running a business.  No more fancy budgets that do not produce results, the bank accounts clearly show where your business is at and what you need to focus on to become profitable.  

Implementing the Profit First System in my business has brought back the joy of running a company and focus to accomplishing the vision I started with.  It has also given me the freedom to navigate the uncertain times we live in without the fear of having enough money to pay myself and my team.

Are you ready to move from the daily grind to having a clear purpose for your business/life and enjoy the process of achieving your dreams? Make the shift today and become empowered with a system that provides you with financial freedom – then any dream is possible.  

Your community, this country needs small business owners to not only be successful but thrive even during these uncertain times.


  • Medical and Health
  • Not for Profit