Stephen Burns

Profit First Professional

Company: Accountants Direct

Role:  Founder/CEO

Location: Nerang QLD



Being from Ireland I couldn’t swim until I was 7 (when I got to Australia). I was surfing at 9. I’m still surfing. Having always been in a hurry I quickly got quite good at marketing and biz dev. Following some study, too much confidence and a bit of luck, I found myself managing 8 figure marketing budgets working for companies such as Optus and OzEmail (now iiNet). My 30’s were a rush thanks to the first tech boom. By then I was COO of OzEmail looking after a team of 200+ and way out of my depth. Somehow I survived to age 40, battle-scarred and wiser, – or as I thought. After years in corporate life, I realised who had virtually no financial skills and had to rely on too many people. I thought I’d better do something about it. Next came the passion and pain of true unadulterated entrepreneurship. Challenges ensued, this was a different beast. No safety net. My financial knowledge and experience were sadly lacking and real education had just begun. My network of capable and patient friends/mentors proved as invaluable as my credit cards. At 50 something my current businesses service over 10,000 clients a year. Things are better, but there is much more to do and time is the only limitation. After 30 years I now have the ability to grow and manage businesses – both my own and our many clients. The details: I’m becoming a seasoned entrepreneur. My 20+ years in corporate life at C or Director level, like the Bachelor’s Degree and MBA are really just a testament to getting things done thru discipline and hard work. I received much more from graduating from the Institute of Company Directors, becoming a Public Accountant with the IPA and realising that there is something to learn from everyone and every situation. My audible collection is one of my most valuable assets.


  • Industry
  • Hospitality
  • Service Based Businesses
  • Product Based Businesses
  • Start-Ups & Solopreneurs
  • Small Business Only
  • Retail
  • Trades
  • Hair
  • Beauty, Body & Aesthetics


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