Therese Goggin

Profit First Professional

Company: Harbour Business Support

Role: Bookkeeper & BAS Agent

Location: Charlestown, NSW



Therese Goggin is the owner and operator of Harbour Business Support. Her mission is to assist business owners succeed.  Knowledge is power and in the business world accurate, reliable financial information is the vital key to a successful business.
Therese has been working in accounting and bookkeeping roles for the past 25 years and has gained vast experience working with both large, international and small businesses.  She holds an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and has been a registered BAS Agent since 2010.
The service offering of Harbour Business Support includes BAS, bookkeeping and payroll compliance work alongside Cashflow Management and Budgeting.
Allow Harbour Business Support to assist you on your pathway to success.


  • Hospitality
  • Service Based Businesses
  • Law
  • Trades