Victoria Brennan

Profit First Professional

Company: Numbers for Health

Role: Accountant and Business Advisor

Location: Sydney NSW (service businesses across Australia)



Let me improve the health of your numbers, while you improve the health of your patients.

I’m an accountant and business advisor for naturopaths, nutritionists and other natural health practitioners.

And I am also a naturopath. So I am uniquely positioned to understand you and your business, I also see the value of what we do, and how important it is for the world that you and your business thrive.

I know that as health professionals, we are drawn to this vocation as we want to help people, not crunch numbers. And so it’s no surprise that I often find my clients’ numbers are severely neglected.

That’s why I have a passion for helping you gain a greater understanding of your business, making your numbers seem easy, and getting your finances healthier than ever.

I want your business to serve you, as you deserve to be paid beautifully for the work that you do.

Say this to yourself “I serve, I deserve”. And please get in touch with me today.


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