How Thriday makes Profit First Money Management EASY

The Profit First money management methodology is an effective approach for small businesses to improve their financial health. However, managing finances manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This is where Thriday software comes in, providing a solution that benefits small businesses in many ways.

Our journey from humble beginnings to a thriving business…

Meet Felicity Mathews, founder of Precision Advantage, a bookkeeping and advisory business. Felicity is a Profit First Mastery member and our only Darwin-based PFP. She is going to share her business story, which started 10 years ago and how Profit First is used within her business and with her clients.

How to optimise Profit First in your Business

Meet PFP and author of Profit First for Tradies Katie Chrismale-Marshall. In this interview, Profit First Professional CEO Laura Elkaslassy will be interviewing Katie about how to optimise Profit First in your business. Perhaps you have started to use Profit First, but it isn't quite embeded into everything you do, Tune in to learn more.

Transforming from a blog to an online business…

Meet Ngaire Stirling the founder of Brisbane Kids. She started Brisbane Kids as a blog resource 11 years to share activities she was doing with her own kids. Fast forward to today, she has a team of talented writers, editors and designers plus a thriving business.

Learn how Profit First transformed my business

Meet Karyn Parkinson from Unstoppable eCommerce, we will be discussing how Profit First enabled her to pay back a $50,000 debt to the ATO and be in control of her cash flow. Karyn will be sharing her experience of implementing Profit First in her business and why she recommends it to her clients.

How A Profit First Business Coach Can Increase Your Business Profitability

If you are looking for advice on how to grow your business then working with a business coach makes perfect sense. They are often seen as experienced entrepreneurs who can help guide business owners to meet their goals for sustainable growth. They also provide a great sounding board for difficult or risky decisions. However, a […]