How A Profit First Business Coach Can Increase Your Business Profitability

If you are looking for advice on how to grow your business then working with a business coach makes perfect sense. They are often seen as experienced entrepreneurs who can help guide business owners to meet their goals for sustainable growth. They also provide a great sounding board for difficult or risky decisions. However, a […]
What A Profit First Accountant Does

What A Profit First Accountant Does

Engaging an accountant to help manage your taxes and compliance work will give you more clarity and confidence when it comes to the financial stability of your business. The difference between a regular accountant and a Profit First Accountant is that the latter is certified in the Profit First methodology, meaning they proactively help you […]
How Profit First Bookkeepers Boost Business Profitability

How Profit First Bookkeepers Boost Business Profitability

Outsourcing the management of your money and books to an expert makes sense not only for the financial health of your business, but it is also going to save you time. When you work with a Profit First Bookkeeper you are engaging a certified Profit First Professional who can help you achieve financial stability and […]
angus morrison

Meet Angus Morrison from Morrison ABS

Angus Morrison is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Registered Tax Agent and Certified Profit First Professional. His business, Morrison ABS is based in Mentone, Victoria, but he works with a range of clients all around Australia.
How does Profit First work with an overdraft?

How does Profit First work with an overdraft?

Please note: The approach outlined below is applicable to the majority of businesses and industries that are currently using overdraft as a cash flow buffer. However, Farming and Agribusiness overdrafts are treated slightly differently to the approach presented in this article. Please consult with a Certified Profit First Professional for expert guidance for your industry, […]

How do I apply Profit First to my business?

So you may have read the book, or a few blogs, or attended one of our webinars… and you’re ready to give this whole Profit First thing a crack. But you’re wondering, “how do I apply Profit first to my business?” Where do you start? How do you apply Profit First to YOUR business? Firstly […]

The 4 Essentials That Make a Business Sustainable and Profitable

SMEs (small to medium enterprises) are vital to the Australian and New Zealand economy. They contribute to 57% of Australia’s GDP (gross domestic product) and 27% for New Zealand. In New Zealand SME’s represent 97% of businesses, and account for over 40% of the national employment. As we know, going into business has a very […]
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Is Profit First right for your business? Here’s how to tell

If you’re a small business owner, you already know the ugly figure that haunts new businesses: two to three years. That’s how long it takes the average new business to start seeing a profit. It makes sense: running a business is expensive. Nearly every new business is founded already in debt, and it takes a […]

How Much Are Debt Repayments Really Costing Your Business?

Quick question: how much money does your small business spend on debt repayments every month? Is that number higher than you’d like it to be? You’re not alone. Unless you’re independently wealthy or have the backing of an angel investor, your small business probably needed a loan to get off of the ground. On top […]

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