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November 2021



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For Business Owners

Profit First Live Implementation for Businesses

25th November 2021 – Melbourne

Join our half day workshop and get started with Profit First in your business. Are you experiencing cash-flow issues you in your business? Have you started to implement Profit First but are stuck? Perhaps you haven’t even read the book Profit First but you want to learn more about it. Learn from our Profit First experts.

Who should attend? Business owners that are looking to implement profit first into their business.

Plus a bonus Q&A session one month later. Bring your questions to our check-in session. Discuss what’s working and what’s not working for you.

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Is cash a major source of stress for you?

Are you unsure if you are doing Profit First right?
Does your stress grow along with your business growth?
Do you struggle to achieve financial freedom?
Does profit seem like a distant dream?
Do you get anxious around tax season?
Are you ready to make your business permanently profitable?


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Over 150,000 companies have successfully implemented Profit First

Online Businesses
Real-estate Agencies
Professional Services
Medical Practices
Fitness & Nutrition Services
Financial Professionals
Sports Teams
Retail Businesses
Information Products
Wholesale Businesses
Ecommerce Companies
Transportation & Logistics
Technology Services
… And so much more!

Laura Elkaslassy

CEO of Profit First Professionals Australia

At Profit First Professionals, we know you want to feel empowered to make profit a permanent reality for your business. In order to do that, you need a way to understand your business’s finances and a system to make profitability happen on purpose.

The problem is, traditional financial statements focus on the past and can be difficult to understand, and you aren’t an accountant. What’s worse, your accountant seems to be speaking a different language. This leaves you feeling confused, frustrated, and wondering if profitability will ever “happen” for your business.

We believe you should be able to understand your business’s finances and take charge of your profitability. We understand the frustration of not knowing how to intentionally make profitability a reality in your business, which is why we have designed a one-day live workshop to help you implement the Profit First methodology in your business. This is the exact same training we have used to help hundreds of thousands of business owner to take charge of their profitability. Permanently.


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