Profit Con Australia: Growth and Reinvention

3 November 2021 – 9am – 5pm AEDT

Virtual Event 

For Profit First Professionals

As is tradition, we usually host an event, retreat, or conference in person each year for the members to come together and learn, enjoy connection & really get out of the everyday. In 2020 COVID made it impossible for this to happen and 2021 has also been quite the ride but we have decided it is SO important to host this event even in an online format.

We are an amazing community of Profit First Professionals and this is an opportunity to spend some time out of the grind and the doing to grow and potentially re-invent your business. Our sessions are designed to allow you to step outside of your usual routine and into a space where you can be inspired, collaborate and brainstorm with other PFPs as well as other guest experts and facilitators.

This is not your ordinary virtual event. It will be interactive, a load of fun and as always an opportunity for change and improvement for ourselves and our clients. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Why is it important to attend this event?

Learning from experts

Learning from leaders

Profit Con Australia: Growth and Reinvention

Virtual One Day Event

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

  • International and Local Speakers
  • Live Q&A
  • Fun and Interactive

This will be a day of learning with breaks. We will learn from Mike and other speakers, as well as some amazing Aussie experts. It won’t just be keynotes but workshops, an interactive event, with a surprise fun activity and activities designed to get those creative juices flowing.


9.00am – Welcome with host Laura Elkaslassy

9.15am – Keynote Mike Michalowicz

10.15pmInteractive Break 

10.30am – Presentation 1 Change and Resilience Suzy Jacobs

11.30amInteractive Break – Happy snaps in the photo booth

11.45amPresentation 2 Partnerships & why you need them Dale Beaumont 

12.15pm – Move, coffee, reset

12.20pm – Presentation 3 Profitable Plan Femke Hogema

12.50pm – Working lunch

1.00pm – Marketing Habits, Anthea Major 

1.20pm – Interactive Break 

1.30pmSurprise Experience

2.30pmInteractive Break 

3.10pm – Interactive Masterminding Workshop Learning the Language of Money – Scaling the Wealth Pyramid Jackson Millan

4.40pm – Wrap Up / Questions

5.00pm – Event Concludes

Profit First Awards

We are introducing an Australian Profit First Professional awards. We are asking members to nominate two fellow members for the awards. There are two categories:

  • Go Giver, someone who is spreading the word of Profit First
  • Biggest Impact, for someone who has made their mark with Profit First and created real change

Entries close 30th September 2021 and we will announce the winners at the virtual event on November 3rd.

Laura Elkaslassy

CEO of Profit First Professionals Australia


At Profit First Professionals, we know you want to feel empowered to make profit a permanent reality for your business. In order to do that, you need a way to understand your business’s finances and a system to make profitability happen on purpose.

The problem is, traditional financial statements focus on the past and can be difficult to understand, and you aren’t an accountant. What’s worse, your accountant seems to be speaking a different language. This leaves you feeling confused, frustrated, and wondering if profitability will ever “happen” for your business.

We believe you should be able to understand your business’s finances and take charge of your profitability. We understand the frustration of not knowing how to intentionally make profitability a reality in your business, which is why we have designed a one-day live workshop to help you implement the Profit First methodology in your business. This is the exact same training we have used to help hundreds of thousands of business owner to take charge of their profitability. Permanently.

Register now!

Wednesday 3rd November 2021: 9am-5pm AEDT

This virtual event is for Profit First Professionals Only

Investment – $495 inc GST

Registrations close 11.59pm 10th October 2021


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