Outsourcing the management of your money and books to an expert makes sense not only for the financial health of your business, but it is also going to save you time. When you work with a Profit First Bookkeeper you are engaging a certified Profit First Professional who can help you achieve financial stability and growth.

What a Profit First Bookkeeper Does

Along with general bookkeeping tasks such as organising your business accounts, recording transactions, and producing financial statements and reports, a Profit First Bookkeeper can help to manage your finances proactively.

As certified Profit First Professionals, your Profit First Bookkeeper can provide holistic financial advice to guide decisions that enhance the profitability of your business. They have a thorough working understanding of the Profit First money management methodology and can implement it within your business to ensure greater cash flow, higher profit margins, and sustainable growth.

How Profit First Bookkeepers Boost Business Profitability

Business owners find that working with a certified Profit First Bookkeeper helps them keep a close eye on the management of their money, as a bookkeeper works on a more regular basis.

The bookkeeper can then do regular reporting in alignment with the Profit First percentages so that as a business owner you can see how you are tracking financially, and where you need to adjust spending to stay profitable. 

How does a Profit First Bookkeeper Get Certified?

All certified Profit First Professionals need to complete rigorous, mandatory training in the Profit First methodology and implement the practice successfully within multiple businesses (including their own). 

During their Profit First certification, Profit First Bookkeepers must demonstrate a clear knowledge of the methodology as they help businesses to create and increase their profits.

Only certified Profit First Professionals can advise businesses on how to use the Profit First methodology. 

Meet The Certified Profit First Bookkeepers in Australia

  • Victoria Berry
  • Verena Meintjes
  • Tracy Sellers Certified Profit First Professional
    Tracy Sellers
  • Tracy Brockhoff
  • Therese Goggin
  • Tanya Spence
  • Susan McCracken
  • Steven Mulligan
  • Sharon Jones
  • Scott Trevethan
  • Sandra Price
  • Rachel Fenn
  • Najma Khan
  • Matt Barmentloo
  • Martin McLean
  • Lulu Wren
  • Larisa Hailey
  • Kim Macdonald
  • Katie Crismale Marshall
    Katie Crismale-Marshall
  • Jenny Ryan
  • Harman Johnston
  • Felicity Mathews
  • Emma Stringfellow
  • Emily Sinderberry
  • Donna Pritchard
  • Christine Jade
  • Chris Alleyn
  • Catherine Keyte
  • Caroline Smith
  • Amanda Findlay

Get Matched With A Profit First Bookkeeper

Due to the nature of the Profit First money management methodology, it can be successfully implemented across many service industries and business models. To experience the benefits of Profit First in your business, find a certified Profit First Bookkeeper near you.

If you are a bookkeeper who wants to become a certified Profit First Professional, click here for more information.