Brendan Gibson

In this Facebook Live conversation, we were joined by Brendan Gibson from Anspired. In our discussion, Brendan shared how Profit First made such a difference to his own business that it inspired him to become a Profit First Professional himself in order to help other business owners.

Thank you to everybody who joined us live for this event and thank you so much to Brendan for joining us.

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Brendan, tell us a bit about yourself, your business, and all the juicy information

I’m Brendan, I run an IT company called Anspired. Think of us as an outsourced IT provider, and we have a real focus on cyber protection for businesses.

The reason I’m so excited to talk to you is that when you think of Profit First Professionals you mainly think of accountants, bookkeepers, and coaches, but you’re in IT. How did you learn about Profit First and why did you choose to become a Profit First Professional?

It was 2019 and I sat down with the accountant and said there are some pretty scary numbers on here. My balance sheet was showing net equity of negative $150k, and at the time my profit and loss statement was showing a $30k loss. It made me think – what am I doing? I’m working my guts out and it was just too hard. It was a kick in the guts. I then remember talking to a friend of mine and he said you should read a book called Profit First. So I read this book and I thought wow, this is me! I felt empowered and enthusiastic about my business again. So I started implementing it.

How has this changed your outlook on what you think about money and your business now?

I question a lot more. Is it going to be better for my business? Is it going to be faster for my business? Is it going to be more valuable for my business?

I would love for you to give one piece of advice to business owners who may be contemplating Profit First

Read the book or listen to the audiobook asap. I think you can definitely do it yourself, but it’s so much easier if you can engage with a Profit First Professional to guide you through the process.