rhys parry-badkin

Join Laura Elkaslassy as she sits down with Rhys Parry-Badkin from The Pash Flow Project, as they discuss his journey to becoming a Profit First Professional.

Whilst only recently becoming a certified Profit First Professional, Rhys has a wealth of knowledge as a business coach, a tonne of enthusiasm (and some pretty fabulous Dad jokes) to share with the businesses he works with. I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy his interview with Laura, so please enjoy watching below…

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Originally hailing from North Wales, Rhys aka The Chief Enthusiast is a business coach who specialises in looking after service-based businesses and supporting them to grow their profits without sacrificing their mental health.

Rhys has always had an interest in learning, and it was this desire to learn that led him to read the Barefoot Investor and found it hugely beneficial on a personal finance level. It wasn’t until he launched his own business, that he searched for somebody that would speak about business finance in similar, easy-to-understand terms. It was then that Profit First entered his life when it was recommended by a friend. In Rhys’ words:

“I picked up the book and flew through it and then was frothing about it nonstop even prior to engaging with Profit First Professionals Australia & New Zealand. I told all my friends, bashed my accountant about the head with it and said, you’ve got to go and read this book, evangelized about it to absolutely everybody I could and then went on to read every single other Mike Michalowicz book.”

Rhys now focuses on building a relationship with his clients and focuses on understanding their ‘why’, their background, their fears, their challenges, and from there, is able to give them a system that serves that. He also shared with us a little about his wonderful Facebook community – Money Makers.

“It’s a Facebook group driven by a belief that you should be able to scale your business without sacrificing your mental health to get there. The group is mainly designed for service-based businesses and we talk about sales tactics, profits and how to manage your money and we talk to you about keeping your headspace focused on the things that matter because those are the key things that are going to make a difference to you especially coming out the other side of COVID.”

Thank you so much to Rhys for sharing his story, and for such a fun conversation. We look forward to seeing you for our next Facebook live.