Have you ever wondered how Profit First works and if it could work for your business?

This two-part training is for you!

Discover exactly how you can transform cash-hungry businesses into profitable and sustainable entities with Profit First.

You’ll also learn how it can work for all businesses, including micro-businesses and companies with debt.

Plus we share our handy reverse-engineering money goals and profit framework!

The Power of Profit First


Are you questioning yourself too often about:

How can I be so busy but not making any money??!

How much can I really afford to spend on marketing?

Where will the money come from to pay the tax bill? 

How can I pay that next invoice?

How can I even pay myself or my team this month?

How can I set my pricing so that I can growth the business?

You are not alone! But…

We’ll let you in on a little secret…

You do not need to be a billionaire to no longer worry about these things, you need Profit First!

Profit First Book Australia

What is Profit First?

❌ Profit First is not just a book.

❌ Profit First doesn’t need you to be a numbers genius to get real results.

✅ Profit First gives you a framework to structure your financial accounts, your pricing, and your business so that it’s sustainable and scalable – no matter your business type or industry.

✅ Profit First is a proven money methodology that helps you manage your cash flow by allocating all money coming in, into accounts for different areas of your business, so you can have a stable cash management system in your business.

✅ Profit First actually works and you start seeing REAL RESULTS from the first month of implementation!

Profit First truly transformed my business. It enabled me to pay back a $50,000 debt to the ATO and get back in control of my cash flow again. My advice is don’t put it off, just do it! – KARYN PARKINSON

Profit First has changed my business for the better! In just 1 year I had increased my profit margin from 57% to 86%, my money mindset was much much healthier, and I am still seeing benefits 5 years on since first implementing Profit First! Highly recommend! – FIONA FELL

My number one tip for Business Owners is just do it and take the plunge. It is life-changing and brings back financial freedom, making life so much easier. – TRACY SELLERS

Perhaps you have read the book, Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, and tried to implement it yourself, or maybe you’ve told your clients about it?

That’s a great start, but there is so much more to it than just reading the book!

This money-management methodology does wonders for cash-flow, sustainability and profitability for businesses of ALL sizes and types.

That is why we have created these ‘Power of Profit First’ webinars – to share:

  • how it works
  • the outcomes it generates
  • how it can work for you too!

Join us live or catch the recordings – no prior knowledge of Profit First required!

Let us show you the true Power of Profit First!

The Power of Profit First


Power of Profit First – Part 1

We will be covering:

  • What is Profit First.
  • How the Profit First percentages work.
  • Common problems experienced when getting started with Profit First.
  • Understanding where you are now and what you need to do to grow your business.
  • How you can reverse engineer your revenue goal to set business goals.
  • How your revenue goals impact the Profit First percentages.
  • Using Profit First method to pay yourself to meet your personal income goals without impacting business cash flow and profitability.
  • Adjusting your business and team effectively to get your time back and improve business cash flow.

Power of Profit First – Part 2

We will be covering:

  • How you can scale your business with Profit First.
  • Understanding your pricing, expenses, and your true costs and its impact on your business’ cash-flow and growth potential.
  • How to price your packages and services to meet your revenue and income goals.
  • How pricing impacts the Profit First percentages.
  • How Profit First can clearly determine marketing and hiring budgets to save you time, and stop you from over-spending.
  • Transforming your business using Profit First ongoing.

Who is this for?

Business Owners. Bookkeepers. Accountants. Business Coaches & Consultants.

Whether you are a business owner looking to implement Profit First into your own business, or you are thinking Profit First could be a service offering for your clients. We are sharing the real power of Profit First, which can help everyone in their business.

Training Host: Laura Elkaslassy

Certified Profit First Master. Entrepreneur. Accredited Bookkeeper.

Laura’s mission is to ensure entrepreneurs and small business owners understand what is happening in their business for two powerful reasons:

  1. So that they can pay themselves for the time, energy and value they bring to their business and clients; and
  2. Make a profit so that they can create a bigger impact, expand, and grow their business to meet their vision.

She thrives on guiding and teaching business owners to implement innovative, practical and outcome driven strategies that are at the forefront of money management and growth initiatives for business. She speaks from her experience and knowledge as a successful entrepreneur, Profit First Professional and advocate for thriving small business.

As a speaker Laura brings a wealth of knowledge for driven entrepreneurs, presented in a way that is insightful and exciting (yes it is possible!). Her approach to creating a profitable business is direct, powerful, and fuelled by passion, and when she presents she lights up the room with this energy.

Want to learn how Profit First actually works and how it can work for YOUR business?

Watch this 2-part training on the Power of Profit First.