Lorraine Murphy

Meet Lorraine Murphy, with absolutely no business experience, she started her first company – The Remarkables Group – in her spare bedroom in May 2012. A raft of awards, four books, two kids and a business sale later, and she has created her second business. She helps women rise even higher in their lives through her speaking, training, mentoring and writing. She is  passionate about learning as much as possible about business, relationships, spirituality and productivity so that she is able to pass those learnings on to others.


In this chat we cover topics such as:

  • How Profit First resonated with Lorraine, albeit confronting
  • How the accounts structure has been helpful
  • Visibility of her numbers, and how to change her ‘spendy’ habits
  • How she utilises Profit First in her personal life as well as business

Watch the video

‘I cannot tell you the amount of stuff that I just randomly spent money on in that business because there was no parameters.’

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