Interview with Nathan Rigney

Meet Nathan Rigney from NGR Accounting, we will be discussing how Profit First helps his clients, by speaking in a ‘non-accountant’ language that is easy to understand and implement into their businesses. Nathan will be sharing his experience of implementing Profit First in his and his client’s business.

During our chat, Nathan shared some super helpful insights from his own experience of implementing Profit First. Including:

  • The lightbulb moment that steered him towards Profit First
  • How long it took before he started seeing results once implementing the system
  • Why he believes all businesses should have a coach + much more

Watch the video

Nathan, what is a tip that you will give a business owner who’s considering any of the things that you’ve mentioned or implementing Profit First?

If you haven’t read the book, and you’re not a reader, my number one tip is go to Audible. If you walk or you sit on the couch, whatever, doesn’t matter. Get the audio and Mike actually narrated himself. And he’s good to listen to, he won’t drive crazy or anything like that. But that would be my number one tip is is really just get your mindset right before you start doing anything.

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