Katie Marshall - Efficient Tradie

Meet Katie Marshall, her business is Efficient Tradie. She works specifically with tradies to help them with their bookkeeping to make it efficient and simple and then to work with them on their cash flow, the leading issue for tradies is poor cash flow.


Katie recently sat down with Profit First Australia CEO Laura Elkaslassy to talk about her journey to becoming a Profit First Professional and her experience seeing businesses transform after implementing Profit First.

In their discussion Laura and Katie spoke about:

  • Why Katie focuses her business helping tradies
  • How she approaches Profit First implementation in both her own business and her clients
  • Why Profit First works and it makes a big difference to her clients
  • Why she loves the Profit First community
  • And more…

Katie started her business in 2012. When she reviewed all of the clients, she had worked with over the years, the ones she enjoyed the most were tradies, they are really fun to work with. She comes from a family of tradies, so it was a logical choice.

Working with tradies she can make a really big difference in their business quite quickly. And its not only the tradies but behind each tradies is generally a wife and some kids, so she is helping the family to ensure they are not stressed about money.

Why did she decide to become a Profit First professional?

Katie first came across profit first back in 2014 when Mike originally wrote the book, she read it and implemented it in her business. She implemented it in really small slow steps, putting aside money for GST and tax. It was really easy system to follow and it became part of the process.

She decided to become a Profit First Professional as she found there wasn’t much more she could offer her clients to improve their cash flow, other systems weren’t working and she wanted to be able to offer them the same system she used Profit First.

She finds that Tradies are really good a following a system or process, Profit First was the perfect next step.


“It’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference to too many of the tradies and just being out of pay GST on time without going on a payment plan on having to pull up from somewhere else he’s a huge relief for all of them” Katie Marshall

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